Virtual IT Manager

Need Guidance?

Do you struggle to keep up with the ever changing landscape of IT, and worry about making sure that your company IT is running as well as it should? Undo IT Support offer a range of Virtual IT Manager services to ensure that your organization gets the direction and support that it deserves to ensure that you are kept protected and compliant. Allowing you to grow your company, look after your clients while we look after your IT.

Our Process

We work not only with the change-makers in your organization but with the people who will be using the technology on a day-to-day basis to ensure that your organization has a clear IT Strategy and plans to ensure that you business as usual operations run efficiently.

As part of our Strategy and planning we help to advise on your infrastructure, ensuring that it is designed and implemented to ensure that you and your staff can access only the information required. Our trusted team and partners will also implement the solutions for you.

IT Strategy & Planning

This involves evaluating and improving the current technology setup, creating a roadmap for technology implementation and keeping it up to date with changing business needs and advancements.

Design & Implementation of Infrastructure

This entails the creation and deployment of a well-designed, reliable and scalable technological foundation that supports the efficient operation and growth of an organization’s IT systems and services.

Risk Management

This involves the identification, assessment and mitigation of potential threats and vulnerabilities to ensure that your organization stays protected against threats to not only your data but day-to-day operations.

Project Management

We ensure that the planning, organization and coordination of all aspects of the project to ensure they are completed on time, within budget and to standard.

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